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Real Estate Tips, Advice & Motivation

Join Loida Velasquez in this video series as she shares Real Estate Tips, Advice & Motivation.

How to Market Your New Listing
How do I pick a brokerage?
Be a Helpful Agent and Listen
Cold-Calling Expireds and Numbers on DNC List
Real Estate Lead Follow-Up for Referrals
Role Playing and Listing Appointments
How to Get Listing Appointments Cold Calling on Mojo
Real Estate Door Knocking FAQs
Door Knocking vs Cold Calling Expired Listings
How to respond to For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Objections
Door Knocking Expired Listings
How to Pass the Real Estate License Exam – Tips
How to Market Yourself as a New Real Estate Agent
Lead Follow Up Will Get You the Listing!
Career Change from Marketing to Real Estate
For Sale By Owner Live Call
Decide and Achieve Success in Your Career
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